I love the art of creation.

My inspiration comes from listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions, materials and shapes, and coming up with creative designs. Most importantly, I want you to feel comfortable and good looking.


I listen to you wishes. The first step to your very own custom garment starts with you telling me what you like and don't like, from colours to fit to materials and shapes.


I develop a design based on your wishes and suggest appropriate materials and patterns. Once you are happy I can calculate material and hours, which is then the offer you'll receive.  


Custom means unique. The process now is all about refining the garment for you - I share my work in progress with you so you gain a behind the scenes of your special garment which you can keep forever.

Local. PersonalDirect.

A custom garment based on your specific measurements and imagination is a very exciting and personal process at the end of which you'll own something uniquely yours.


At the first appointment your design idea is discussed, the fabric and the patterns selected and last but not least, I take your measurements.


At the second appointment the initial fitting takes place. The fit is checked and, if necessary, further details are discussed.


At the third appointment, you will receive your custom-made and individual garment.

I love to hear from you